Cipro 500mg Online

Cipro 500mgCipro is a drug used to treat various diseases and inflammatory processes caused with susceptible strains of bacteria. Cipro is marketed under various brand names. You can buy Cipro 500mg online under a brand name Ciprofloxacin. There is also another brand name for Cipro which is Proquin XR, but this is a specific form of the drug developed and used only to treat severe urinary tract infections. Cipro is a representative of the quinolone antibiotic class which treats a wide range of infections and diseases. Among susceptible strains of bacteria which are sensitive to the action of this antibiotic:

  • shigella
  • E.Coli
  • Campylobacter
  • Gram-Negative bacteria
  • and others

While the names and types of bacteria say nothing to you, we will list the diseases and conditions this medicine is used to. You can buy Cipro 500mg online to treat:

  • typhoid fever
  • traveler’s diarrhea
  • intestinal infections complicated with vomiting and diarrhea
  • anthrax
  • different types of pneumonias
  • bacterial bronchitis
  • various respiratory tract infections
  • various forms of bacterial peritonitis
  • abdominal infections
  • bladder infections
  • kidney infections
  • bacterial prostatitis

Cipro does not treat diseases and infections caused with viruses. Thus the medicine can not be applied for treatment of common cold or flu.

The drug is available as a suspension for intravenous injections and in a form of pills. Injections are more preferable when an instant effect is needed. The drug is available only with doctor’s prescription. It should not be taken on one’s own because of its side effects. Read which side effects of Cipro treatment are more likely to appear during treatment.

What are the limitation of usage of Cipro 500mg – online reviews

Antiobiotics are used in every case when a bacterial contamination is expected. Cipro 500mg can be used alone or in complex with other medications to effectively treat infections and inflammatory diseases. This medicine is not safe for everybody and should be administered only if its usage will not affect other medications and organ functioning. Children and aged people are specific group of patients who need special care in prescription. Another group of patients who need to take Cipro 500mg is allergic people. Let us review the usage of Cipro in all these groups of patients.

How to give Cipro to kids

Cipro 500mg online studies have revealed no children-specific side effects or contraindications which may affect the efficacy of the medicine. However children should not get average dosages of the medication. Cipro is a rather toxic medication that it why it should not be given to a child without prescriptions from pediatrician. This medication is not recommended to start immediately. It is administered to children only in cases when other antibiotics which provide less toxic effect are failed to perform well and help treat the disease.

Cipro is rarely administered to children. In most cases it is used in a form of oral liquid to treat anthrax and severe kidney infectious diseases.

Mind! Do not give Cipro 500mg to children. Consult pediatrician before starting any treatment! The symptoms of infectious disease and viral disease are very hard to distinguish. If you will misdiagnose the disease then this will lead to the worsening of the symptoms. Moreover, kids are less resistible to bacterial and viral infections, their immune system is too weak to cope with such invasions. Improper treatment may kill a child.

Cipro 500mg in geriatric patients

Aged people are likely to have some chronic diseases of intestines, liver, kidneys, heart and vessels which are sensitive to the action of strong antibiotics. Another precaution is that Cipro affects the tendons and joints. Tendons and joints in elderly patients are commonly worn out. This antibiotic drug is known to cause severe damages of tendons and joints as tendonitis or ruptures, severe joint inflammations. These consequences may get present during treatment or in a short while after treatment. The risk of getting tendons and joints damaged is increased with age. Patients after 60 in most cases are at risk of getting tendons and joints inflamed or damaged.

If a patient gets Cirpo 500mg in complex treatment with corticosteroids as prednisone, the risk of tendonitis gets increased. If a treatment is impossible to terminate or withdraw (if the goods of treatment are more important than the damages to the body it causes), then aged patients are recommended to follow next tips.

Tips for elderly patients taking Cipro

Cipro may cause tendons and joints damages and ruptures. It is impossible to prevent this effect. The damaging effect is less evident in patients with healthy and strong tendons and joints. But if a joint or tendon is already worn out or was injured previously, then the effect is more likely to get present. If you feel pain in the joints or tendons during the treatment with Cipro 500mg or lower dosages, then follow the next patient tips:

  • Reduce physical loads – if you are doing physical exercises, running or jogging, then stop these activities for a period of treatment and two weeks after the end of the treatment. Get back in the daily physical activity gradually.
  • Have more rest every day – this will not only protect your joints and tendons but will advance the recovery as your body will accumulate power and strength to resist the disease.
  • Do not take any medicines to relieve pain in joints and tendons – if the pain is unbearable, then contact your doctor and ask for pain killing treatment. Cipro interacts with numerous drugs and can cause anaphylaxis or reduce the efficacy of other medicines.
  • If the treatment with Cipro is planned (for example, for treating of traveler’s diarrhea), then it is recommended to get a course of supplements for stronger tendons and joints.

Cipro in allergic patients

People with allergies are another risk group of patients who should get any treatment very carefully to avoid possible allergic responses. Do not take Cipro without prescription from your doctor if you had previously cases of allergic reactions to any group of the drugs. Also you should be carefully with drugs if you perform allergic responses to certain foods, drinks, environmental factors and care products or other chemicals.

Warn your doctor about any allergies you have ever had. Never take Cipro if you do not know whether you are allergic or not.

Less than 2% of patients report allergic responses which they associate with Cipro treatment.

Pregnant patients and Cipro

Ciprofloxacin must not be used in pregnant patients as Cipro 500mg online studies have shown possible adverse reactions to the medicine. The drug is also not recommended to men and women planning pregnancy as the antibiotic may severely damage a fetus.

The drug is known to penetrate breast milk and can be transmitted to a baby. It is not recommended for women to get treatment with this medicine. If Cipro is the only drug possible for treatment, then a woman is recommended to stop breastfeeding for an period of treatment and start feeding a baby again only after a week from the end of treatment. This is because the drug is accumulated in the body (urine, blood, breast milk) and it needs time to get eliminated from the body.

Who must not take Cipro?

There are certain conditions which are direct contraindications to use of Cipro. If you have these diseases then you must not take Cipro. Tell your health care provider if you have the next conditions:

  • epilepsy
  • your lungs are transplanted
  • heart problems presented with increased or low heartbeat
  • tendons and joints inflammations
  • increased skull pressure
  • low or increased levels of magnesium in the blood
  • moderate to severe kidney deficiency

Mind that every case is individual. Your doctor may take a decision to prescribe you Cipro if its positive effects will be more essential than harms it may do to your health.

What may affect the efficiency of Cipro?

Cipro can interact not only with medicines but with some foods and drinks. Taking this drug with certain foods and drinks increases the risks of side effects. It is not recommended to take alcohol or milk products during the course of Cipro treatment.

Consult your health care provider on the corrections of your daily diet during the course of treatment. If you take Cipro with milk products you may experience severe abdominal pain,diarrhea and all the symptoms of indigestion.

What are possible side effects of Cipro?

Cipro is a strong antibiotic which can cause some side effects. Commonly these side effects are bearable and do not require Cipro withdrawal. Among the most common side effects during treatment with antibiotics are loose stool and vomiting.

Diarrhea commonly occurs in patients taking milk products during Cipro treatment. If you experience indigestion during Cipro treatment course, then it is recommended to change your diet. Simple diet correction will help to eliminate these side effects and will make Cipro more tolerable.

Some side effects require caution. If these occur you should immediately contact your doctor and report your conditions:

  • bloody stool
  • vomiting occurring more than once in an hour
  • any urination changes (color of urine, increased or decreased quantity of urine, increased frequency of urination) – these are the symptoms of kidneys damage
  • fever
  • changes in vision and hearing – these are the symptoms of brain damage
  • joint and tendon pain
  • skin reactions as redness or rashes – these are the symptoms of allergic responses to the treatment
  • severe abdominal pain which is associated with Cipro treatment – the pain occurs right after the intake of a dosage of the antibiotic

In case of these symptoms are present in your case, please, stop taking Cipro and immediately call the emergency.

What should I watch for when taking Cipro

Cipro OnlineCipro 500mg is taken by mouth, it gets absorbed in the blood and performs general effect on the body, thus affecting not only the bacteria or protozoa, but all your body parts. When you get antibiotic treatment you should carefully watch any changes of your state.

If you get Cipro prescribed, then ask your doctor about blood and urine tests. This is a necessary condition to monitor the reaction of your body to the action of medicines. In the next cases you must stop treatment and call the emergency.

If you see no improvements or even worsening of the conditions. This means that Cipro does not work in your body as expected.

Severe symptoms get present – see previous section of responses and side effects during Cipro treatment.

Cipro can increase sensitivity of your skin to sunlight. Please take necessary measures to protect your skin from direct sunlight. There are numerous care products providing essential protection of your skin.

Dosages of Cipro for different diseases treatment

Cipro is prescribed in different dosages to treat various infections. Mind that the dosage will be individual in every case. Do not follow the recommendations given to your friends or relatives. Get your personal prescriptions.

If you have urinary tract infections then Cipro 500mg is an optimum one time dosage. In cases of severe urinary infections a one time dosage can reach 1000mg for the first day of treatment and Cipro 500mg for other days of treatment. Cipro should not be used longer than for 5 days. Commonly Cipro 500mg online recommendations indicate 3 days of treatment.

Other infections require from 250 to 750mg of Cipro three times per day. The treatment takes up to 5 days.

Kidney infections require Cipro 500mg for three days. If the treatment does not present proper improvements, then it is continued up to 5 days with lower dosage of 250mg.

Gonorrhea requires a single dosage of Cipro 500mg. Tests should be done regularly to find out the efficiency of treatment of the infection.

How to withdraw Cipro?

Cipro is not a medicine you will get used to. The drug does not require dosage reduction and can be withdrawn at a time. This means that you take the last dosage as needed and do not take the next one.

If you miss a dosage of Cipro, take it as soon as possible. However do not take a double dosage if the time of intake is close to the time of intake of the next dosage.